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Q: Why are you different from other family child care facilities?

A: We have a structured schedule, but in a home-like environment. We want to make it easy for children to transition to a school environment, so we have an educationally enriched curriculum that encourages literacy, language development, and social and emotional development.

Q: What is the difference between a family child care and a center-based child care?

A: Family child care has a more home-like environment which will help children transition better to school. Family child care also has a closer teacher to child bond because the teacher to child ratio is better. Family Child Care is also more flexible in accommodating your needs.

Q: How does Little Explorers communicate the details of my child’s day?

A: We believe that communication is the key to any successful relationship. We will make sure that important information is disseminated using the appropriate communication tools in a timely manner. Parents may request for an update on their child’s progress at any time. Our methods of communication are by email, text, phone call, letter and bulletin. We also have a parent-info bulletin board with all the classroom updates.

Q: Does Little Explorers utilize the entire house for childcare?

A: No, we will only utilize the licensed space, specifically the main floor area and the backyard.

Q: How many kids can you take in?

A: We are licensed to have 9 children at a time. (pending)

Q: Can a toddler who is not potty trained enroll?

A: Yes, we take in children who are not potty trained.

Q: Can you accommodate food allergies?

A: We will do the best we can to accommodate everyone’s dietary needs. We want you to disclose any food allergies. If it is minimal, we will tweak our menu. Another option will be for you to pack their food.

Q: Are you providing all meals?

A: We will be providing breakfast, lunch and snacks. For more details: buy Lyrica europe

Q: What is the teacher-student ratio?

A: Department of Learning licensing department says 1:9, but hey, we got your back! Let’s give your children the best care they deserve. We will have 2-3 supportive teachers majority of the time.

Q: Do you potty train?

A: Yes, we do. Our lead teacher, Marclen is a very experienced potty trainer with a successful potty training record.

Q: How do teachers handle discipline with my child?

A: We believe that the discipline of a child is achieved through patience, consistency, and positive reinforcement. At our family child care, we teach children to be respectful and to show kindness to other people, and we teach this by example. We understand that our actions and reactions speak much louder than our words. We also teach these values through a set of rules that we enforce at our child care. Children who are having difficulty for any reason will be guided by the following developmentally appropriate guidance techniques like positive reinforcement and redirection.

Q: How often do children play outside?

A: The children have outdoor time in the morning and in the afternoon. At least 30 minutes, every day.

Q: What is your policy regarding sick kids?

A: We do not allow kids with contagious illness in the house. You would not want your kids to get sick, right? 🙂 For more details, please refer to our handbook.

Q: Can my child bring a toy to child care?

A: Children are not permitted to bring toys. However, books, CDs and photographs are always welcome for the children to share. Please label all items.

If you have any more questions, please cheap flights lyrics to learn more about our program.