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Reading is a very important aspect in any child’s development. It spurs their imagination and opens doors to ideas and concepts that are beneficial in their lives. Whether they are just starting out with books being read to them or reading themselves, here are some books they will enjoy that will help them get a good start as they begin their educational journey.

Everybody Poops

This is a classic book. Originally a Japanese children’s book published in 1977 by Taro Gomi, it has been translated to English by Kane/Miller. It is relevant across all cultures and in all times. It illustrates quite accessibly how pooping is a natural thing, done by everybody including animals, and is nothing to be feared or ashamed of. It is a good resource for getting children potty trained, as shame can sometimes play a part in their reluctance to potty train, and this shows them that pooping, aside from being a necessity, can be fun. It illustrates how to poop and leaves the child with a willingness to try to use the potty by themselves.


Goodnight Moon

Another Classic, written by Margaret Wise Brown and published in 1947, is a great bedtime story that helps to put the little ones to bed and into a cozy slumber. There is nothing better than a good bedtime story, and Goodnight Moon offers children the opportunity to say goodnight to everyone and everything before they drift off into dream land. Sleep is of utmost importance for children, but as those with kids know, sometimes they can be difficult to put to rest for the night. This book will keep them entertained while also enticing them into getting a wonderful night’s rest.


Where the Wild Things Are

My final recommendation is yet another classic (noticing a theme?), written by Maurice Sendak and published in 1963. This book takes us through the travels inside the imagination of a boy named Max, where he encounters wild beasts on an far-off island. This book has wonderful illustrations, contains only 338 words, and teaches kids the importance of using their imagination. It is a good book for a new reader to dip their toe in, and can be enjoyed by a wide range of ages due to the fabulous illustrations and relatable story. If spurring a child’s imagination is the goal of reading, this book fits the bill.


I have provided three classic books that I think all kids will enjoy as early readers, or equally if they are not yet reading and their caregivers are reading the stories to them. Give them a whirl, they are sure to entertain and kick off a lifetime love of reading.


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  1. Thank you for the best collection of books, really like to read each book that you have posted above.

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