Christmas Gift Idea

Christmas Gift IdeaDo It Yourself Christmas Present


Christmas season is upon us, and with that comes the sometimes daunting task of shopping for presents for our loved ones. This can mean long lines at the mall, fighting traffic and hoards of people in search for the perfect gift.


Well fear no more because I have a suggestion for a do it yourself Christmas present that is sure to please even the most hard to shop for people. This is a great gift for kids to help create, and you might just have fun putting it together too!


My favorite Christmas gift to give someone is a snow globe. Not only is it fun to make, but it also makes for a great Christmas decoration in anybody’s home.


What you’re going to need are a small glass jar, glitter, a plastic figurine, water, glycerine (to make the glitter float better, and glue. You can use a hot glue gun or superglue for best results.


Now you must decide what you want to put in your snow globe. There are countless options here. Be creative! Use little miniature toy soldiers, or animals, or fish. The sky is the limit. Once you pick what you want inside, glue these figurines to the inside of the jar.


Next you fill your jar with water and/or glycerine and add glitter in the amount of 1-2 teaspoons.


Then simply screw the lid on the jar. If you want you can even glue the lid on for extra security. This might be an especially good idea if kids are going to be playing with it.


Now all you have to do is shake the jar or turn it upside down and watch the snow fall!


This is a very simple, cheap, and easy Christmas present for anyone to try. Children love this project and I definitely recommend letting them help as they will have fun doing it and have a strong sense of accomplishment after doing it. The person who receives the present will be happy as well because, while it might not be the most expensive or fancy gift, they will know how much love went into making it.


This is my do it yourself Christmas gift idea. Give it a try and have some fun this Christmas!



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