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Here are 3 Simple Thanksgiving Treats for the Little Ones

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Thanksgiving is around the corner and everyone is excited for that special Thanksgiving Feast. Here are some special treats you can make for children, well grown ups will enjoy these yummy treats too. 😉

  1. Turkey Apples


Turkey Apples is a fun family activity you can have with children, and the best part is they can EAT it afterwards.

Step 1: Prepare all the ingredients (Uncut Mini Apples, popcorn, gummies, marshmallow, fruit loops or any type of snack you can poke onto a toothpick)

Step 2: Give each child their own mini apples and hand them 5 toothpicks each. Have the children poke it on the apple as the stand for their “snack feathers”, assist the children in this process.

Step 3:  Have all the assorted snacks ready and the children can pick whichever they like. You can interact with them by asking questions like which one is your favorite? How many pieces of “marshmallows” did you put? and etc.

Step 4:  It’s time to GOBBLE!!!

  1. Turkey Jell-O


Children love to explore and help grown- ups, let them! Making Jell-O is always a fun activity. Make sure you make 2 batches, 1 for them to play with and the other is for them to eat.

Step 1: Prepare all the ingredients and materials: Orange and Yellow Jell-O, clear small cups, colorful feathers, tape, coloring materials and a piece of paper you can use to draw the face of the turkey.

Step 2: Make the Jell- O, follow the instructions on the back of the Jell-O packet. Instead of pouring it in one big container, use the small clear cups. The children can help pour it in and the can alternate the colors. Let them have fun with it.

Step 3: While the Jell-O is sitting in the fridge. Now is the time to be creative with the children. Assists them in drawing the face of the turkey or just simple let them tap into their own creativity.

Step 4: Once the Jell-O is done you can tape the face on the cup and tape some feathers on the back of the cup.

Step 5: Turkey Jell-O is ready to be served.

  1. Thanksgiving Trail Mix


Thanksgiving is usually an all day event with the family and sometimes, it is an all weekend gathering. It’s great to have some snacks that is available anytime of the day. Thanksgiving Trail Mix would be that perfect match while catching up with the fam.

Step 1: Prepare all the ingredients and materials: goldfish, granola, chocolate chips, gummies, mini marshmallows, popcorn, pretzels, mini graham crackers or any special snacks that your children will enjoy. Sort them out in different bowls. Have oranges paper cups/bowls, coloring materials and thanksgiving stickers.

Step 2: Have the children get 1 paper cup/ bowl then decorate it using the stickers and coloring material.

Step 3: Once they are done decorating they can start filling their cup/ bowl with any snack they want and mix it all together.

Step 4: It is time to munch away and have a good time with family and friends.



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