Fall is Here! Check this out… 5 Fun Things to Do around Seattle with your Family

  1. Nature/ Neighborhood Walk


Get out and Explore! This is a fun activity you can do with your family. It is very inexpensive…why? Because all you have to do is find the nearest park and enjoy your time with the family walking around. Look at your surroundings and talk about what you see. Are the leaves on the trees changing color? How is the weather? Is it getting cold? Are we wearing the proper attire? There a lots of things you can talk about with your family especially the little ones. They enjoy quality time and I’m sure this short walk around the neighborhood will be very informative, relaxing, and fun.

  1. Visit a Pumpkin Patch


It is that time of the year that children are looking forward too, Pumpkin Time! The pumpkin patches are always a hit for children even grown-ups. Enjoy the color orange, take fun pictures with the pumpkins, play a game like “Who can find the smallest/ biggest pumpkin”, and if you have time, purchase one! That you and your family can carve and decorate at home.

Here are several places you can visit:

(Please check each website for more information)

Bobs Corn Maze

10917 Elliott Rd

Snohomish, WA 98296

Phone number (360) 668-2506


Serres Farm

20306 NE 50th St

Redmond, WA 98053

Phone number (425) 868-3017


Carpinito Brothers Pumpkin Patch

6868 S 277th St

Kent, WA 98032

Phone number (253) 854-5692



  1. Go to the Zoo

   photo-1430990480609-2bf7c02a6b1a          photo-1467302091917-c7ac18f83832

Are you ready? Let’s go out and explore the beautiful animals and creatures. You can never go wrong with spending the day at the zoo with your family. It is educational, fun and definitely a good time to bond with your family. Learn, explore and enjoy checking out new things.

Where to go?!

Woodland Park Zoo!

They have lots of upcoming events this Fall

For more info, visit:


  1. Create, Bake and Decorate – Let’s stick to FALL colors


It is always fun to spend time in the kitchen with the family. Since it is FALL, enjoying baking goods that are strictly fall colors (red, yellow, brown, orange and green). Have fun and be creative. Ideas on bake goods: make some cookies, cupcakes, cake and etc. Decorate it, have a family contest, and enjoy eating it all together. Nothing will beat a Happy Family with a Happy Tummy!

  1. Be creative and do fun things at home


photo-1459178840030-86b747008059There are times when you just want to stay home and just spend quality time with the family. Children love to be active and they need to be busy doing something. The best part about fall are all the colorful leaves we have around. Guess what? Make use of that! Grab a coat and get the family to gather leaves and jump around with it. Play tag, collect leaves and just have fun. Bubbles is another thing that children love! Blow bubbles, chase them and pop it. It is the simple things in life that brings joy in a child. Spend time with them and be goofy as possible, trust me they love it!


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