DIY: Paper Pumpkin

It’s almost Halloween and if you are looking for fresh, spooky and inexpensive home-made decorations, you came to the right place! It’s always fun to create your own decorations since you get to show off your creativity. Children also love arts and crafts so you can make these decorations together. Halloween just won’t be Halloween without pumpkins. In this post, we will show you how make paper pumpkins. Are you ready? Let’s Start!

Things you will need:

Orange Paper



Circular object


Small Cardboard

Optional: glitters, crayons, sequins, string, etc

Step 1: Use your circular object to trace a circle on the orange paper


Step 2: Cut the circles


Step 3: Fold each of the circles in half


Step 4: Cut both sides

20161007_225530 20161007_225614

Step 5: Use five of these and paste all the cheeks of the half circles together and cut a small cardboard piece to make the stem of the pumpkin


Step 6: You now have a paper pumpkin, or three if you want more


Step 7: Start designing it by drawing on it, putting glitters on it, and/or coloring it

*If the children are not old enough to use scissors, please do steps 1 to 4 for them. so they can just paste them together and decorate them.

You can use it as a table topper or you can also put them together using a string and hang them on your window.


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